Our Current Community Partner Projects

The following chart shows the organizations we are working with and the sectors where the projects are focused. These partnerships and the associated scopes of work outlined below continue to support our mission to build a thriving CT with racial equity and economic security for all people. If you are interested in learning more about these projects and our volunteer needs please feel free to contact Skye Cornell (skye@socialimpactpartners.org).

Thank you for being part of this vital work!



Workforce Development Projects 


Girls For Technology https://www.girlsfortechnology.org/

  • Mission – To mobilize women and girls of color to improve economic mobility and catalyze systems change by providing programs that spark innovation and foster connections leading to a thriving future. GfT’s work-based learning program equips participants with in-demand skills to prepare them for  jobs in the technology sector. 
  • Social Impact Partners Scope of Work
    • Organization and program growth strategy
    • Leadership and Board development
    • Operations/HR
  • Social Impact Partners Project Team
    • Lead staff – Michael Van Leesten
    • Volunteer Partner – Cheryl Hilton
  • Volunteer with these skills needed (7-15hrs/month)
    • Hiring support for key leadership role


RIBA Aspira https://www.ribaaspira.org/

  • Mission – Address the economic and racial/ethnic inequities in Waterbury’s South End neighborhood by creating a strong, resident-driven, civic infrastructure, realigning and relocating job training services and revising child care decision-making policies to be more equitable, insuring adequate access for neighborhood residents, children and families.
  • Social Impact Partners Scope of Work
    • Stakeholder interviews/analysis
    • Sharing findings/recommendations with working cities group
    • Assisting with anticipated changes/improvements to organization’s future strategy (fiscal sponsorship, board development, etc.)
  • Social Impact Partners Project Team
    • Lead staff – Christine Yang
    • Volunteer Partner(s) – Tim Roof (lead), Keven Taylor (lead), James Kemp, Eric Seidman


Open Doors https://opendoorsct.org/

  • Mission – Open Doors strives to make a direct impact in the greater Norwalk area by guiding every person in the cycle of homelessness towards housing stability. The Financial Opportunity Center provides financial coaching, employment services, and income support for those looking for resources to help achieve and maintain a stable income.
  • Social Impact Partners Scope of Work
    • Financial Opportunity Center program model
    • Landscape assessment
    • Impact and operational alignment
  • Social Impact Partners Project Team
    • Lead staff – Skye Cornell
    • Volunteer Partners -Jim Follett (lead), John Connolly, Jack Loop, Nordia Savage, Sylvia Shepard, Pat Agudow


ReadyCT https://readyct.org/

  • Mission – Improve public education to ensure learning is inspired, purposeful and delivered in a way that prepares today’s students for their best possible tomorrow. ReadyCT’s work creates relevant career pathways and work-based learning opportunities for students, particularly in the Alliance school districts.
  • Social Impact Partners Scope of Work
    • Organizational structure development
    • Strategic employer partnership process
    • Tools and engagement plans
  • Social Impact Partners Project Team
    • Lead staff –  Christine Yang
    • Volunteer Partners – Stacey Goodwin (lead), Trevor Ricards, Erika Smith, Sylvia Shepard, Jennifer Proga


Norwalk ACTS https://www.norwalkacts.org/

  • Mission – To collectively transform systems by ensuring resources, policies, practices, and power structures actively dismantle racism and drive equitable outcomes for every Norwalk child and young person. NA initiatives improve community-level outcomes in early childhood, out-of-school time, social-emotional health and college & workforce readiness.
  • Social Impact Partners Scope of Work
    • Next phase in development (will potentially include advisory support for strategic planning and alignment/capacity-building related to backbone support capabilities).
  • Social Impact Partners Project Team
    • Volunteer skills needed pending the next phase scoping.


Career Resources (CRI) https://careerresources.org/

  • Mission – CRI’s role as a statewide workforce development agency includes supporting the re-entry population and programs for workforce readiness, occupational skills-training and supportive/wrap-around services.
  • Social Impact Partners Scope of Work
    • Strategic planning
    • Brand refresh
  • Social Impact Partners Project Team
    • Volunteer Partners – Chris Kunhart (lead), Mary Jaensch, Sylvia Shepard, Jack Loop


Building One Community (B1C)  https://building1community.org/

  • Mission – Advance the successful integration of immigrants and their families. Programs include workforce development, literacy and services to assist with medical, legal and social challenges.
  • Social Impact Partners Scope of Work  
    • Enhance workforce development initiatives: planning, metrics, performance management and organizational effectiveness.
  • Social Impact Partners Project Team
    • Lead staff – Christine Yang
    • Volunteer Partners – Susan Adamsen (lead), Bonnie Foos, Paula Argosh, Kathleen Guion 


Horizon’s Bridgeport  https://www.horizonsbridgeport.org

  • Mission – Close the opportunity gap for Bridgeport children and put them on the path to an empowered, choice-filled life. HB has three affiliated locations: Horizons at Greens Farms Academy, Horizons at Sacred Heart University and Horizons at Notre Dame High School.  
  • Social Impact Partners Scope of Work 
    • Board support
    • Fundraising and development
    • Marketing and communications
  • Social Impact Partners Project Team
    • Volunteer Partners – Amy Orenstein, Annie Burleigh, Alycia Angus, Craig Barney, Stephen Cowherd
  • Volunteer with these skills needed (7-15hrs/month)
    • Fundraising and development


Governor’s Workforce Council/ Office of Workforce Strategy  https://portal.ct.gov/gwc/

  • Mission – Sets strategy and coordinates workforce programming for the state’s Pre-K through retirement workforce pipeline. Convenes businesses, educators, trainers, state agencies, state workforce boards, non-profits, and others to solve workforce problems and build a stronger workforce system.
  • Goal – Ensure that Connecticut builds the most accessible, equitable, aligned and high-quality workforce pipeline in the country and is responsive to the needs of the 21st century economy.
  • Social Impact Partners Scope of Work  
    • Support employer engagement and change management around skills based hiring and expanding career opportunities for less advantaged populations
    • Design and implement career pathways programs in health care and information technology
    • Build partnerships with the Community College system and K-12 education system to expand career based learning opportunities for students
    • Design and build out the data systems to measure workforce participation and advancement
  • Social Impact Partners Project Team
    • Lead staff – Mark Argosh, Austin Hutchinson
    • Volunteer Partners – Bernie Park (lead), Temy Mancusi-Ungaro (lead), Jim Lisher, Dr. Stu Steinman, Sylvia Shepherd, Alycia Angus
    • Special Project/CareerConnectCT – Jim Lisher, Bob Kettenmann, Emily Moore, Annick Winokur


Early Childhood Education Projects


Child Care for CT’s Future https://www.childcareforct.org/

  • Mission – Statewide coalition of organizations, providers, parents and advocates focused on long-term, systemic transformation. Coalition members are working together for a Connecticut in which everyone can find high-quality child care that they can afford in the setting of their choice, so that all our children will be ready for kindergarten.
  • Social Impact Partners Scope of Work 
    • Organizational planning, growth and development
    • Fundraising
    • Volunteer committee backbone support
  • Social Impact Partners Project Team
    • Lead staff – Skye Cornell
    • Volunteer Partner – Scott Gentry
  • Volunteer with these skills needed (7-15hrs/month)
    • Organizational development and growth
    • Operations
    • Governance


Thames Valley Council for Community Action (TVCCA)  https://www.tvcca.org/

  • Mission – Community Action Agency advocating for and meeting the needs of the region’s economically and otherwise disadvantaged citizens. Provides early childhood education and supports nearly 1,000 children in Eastern CT.
  • Social Impact Partners Scope of Work 
    • Leadership development
    • Early childhood workforce pipeline pilot
  • Social Impact Partners Project Team
    • Lead staff – Skye Cornell
    • Volunteer Partners – Gayle Weinstein, Gary Decker, Temy Mancusi-Ungaro, Lee Shufro, Bob Kettenmann, Marilyn Wiles-Kettenmann, Annie Burleigh


Office of Early Childhood https://www.ctoec.org and Blue Ribbon Panel https://www.ctoec.org/blue-ribbon-panel/

  • Mission – Develop a five year strategic plan to build an equitable, accessible, high-quality child care and early education system in Connecticut.  
  • Social Impact Partners Scope of Work 
    • Strategic support, project management, and stakeholder engagement
    • Equity and access work, workforce development, systems design, and funding and cost modeling.
  • Social Impact Partners Project Team
    • Staff lead – Dr. Monisha Gerber, Jen Gerber, Michael Van Leesten, Nebiyu Daniel
    • Volunteer Partners – Janice Semper, Rob Wechsler, Paige MacLean