Connecticut State Government Work Update: Workforce Development

Social Impact Partners continues to support the work of the Office of Workforce Strategy (OWS) and the Governor’s Workforce Council (GWC). In the past quarter, the GWC has been working to update its strategic plan and will be releasing an updated plan in early 2024. A major priority in the new plan will be to build out K-12 Career Pathways that provide all students with the opportunity to engage in work based learning and early college experiences.

Another key focus is to continue and grow sector training programs in industries like health care, manufacturing, technology, financial services, infrastructure, and clean energy. It is estimated that these programs will employ over 10,000 people in high quality jobs over the next three years. Social Impact Partners is supporting the work in the health care and technology sectors that accounts for half of these jobs. An Social Impact Partners team recently made over 30 presentations to community-based organizations across the state to share the information about the Career ConneCT program.

In addition, the plan also emphasizes industry engagement to expand skills-based hiring and provide greater access to opportunities for people from under-resourced communities. The OWS will also be working to build out the infrastructure and data systems to support the workforce ecosystem. A key part of the workforce infrastructure are the 12 Regional Sector Partnerships that engage over 300 businesses around workforce and economic development in communities throughout the state. Below is the strategic workforce blueprint for CT’s workforce development system.