early childhood Education

Early Childhood Education (ECE) enables children, families and our communities to thrive.

Early childhood is a critical window — 95% of our brain development happens in the first five years, laying the foundation for success in school and throughout our lives. Yet many of our state’s children do not have access to affordable high-quality early childhood care which hurts our families and our communities. Access to ECE also enables our families to work and contribute to a thriving Connecticut.

Social Impact Partners firmly believes that every child in Connecticut must have access to high-quality ECE and that a high functioning ECE system is depends on supporting and investing in our early childhood educators.

As a result, Social Impact Partners is committed to working in partnership to strengthen ECE, so that the system works for children and families, early childhood educators, and communities.

One of the key ways in which Social Impact Partners has supported early childhood development is through its partnership with the Connecticut Office of Early Childhood (OEC). SIP has supported the OEC in a variety of strategic initiatives, including supporting the development and implementation planning for of a Blue Ribbon plan for child care.

Another key partnership is with the state’s advocacy coalition, Child Care for Connecticut’s Future, where Social Impact Partners has provided technical assistance and, in the start-up stage, capacity as backbone support. Social Impact Partners also works directly with ECE providers and nonprofits to help them to build their capacity.

Through both its state-level systems change and program capacity building, Social Impact Partners is developing relationships in ECE to work together to create a more equitable and sustainable future for all.

photo of two school age girls, black and white, hugging.