Our history
Since its founding in 2014, Social Impact Partners has supported a wide range of nonprofit organizations, government entities and systems change initiatives by providing funding, staffing capacity, technical expertise and thought partnership to support their growth and development.

Today, the organization is focused on building a thriving Connecticut where every person has equitable access to a high-quality education and a sustainable livelihood. Social Impact Partners is committed to changing inequitable systems that prevent economic and social mobility for Black, Brown, and marginalized populations in our state. Our volunteer partners and staff leverage their time, expertise, resources & networks to provide pro bono thought partnership and capacity-building services in education and workforce development.

Together with our many community partners, volunteer partners and staff, Social Impact Partners has played a key role in building a stronger and more resilient social sector in Connecticut.
Social Impact Partners’ history is a testament to the power of collective action and investment in solutions. The organization’s work demonstrates the importance of collaboration, innovation, and a long-term commitment to building stronger and more equitable communities.