MISSION, VALUES, Strategic focus

Our Mission is to be a catalyst for positive social change by amplifying the impact of Connecticut leaders across nonprofit, government, education, and business organizations.

We are committed to changing inequitable systems that prevent economic and social mobility for Black, Brown, and marginalized populations in our state.



We commit to
fairness and justice
in our work, to amplify
systematically excluded
voices, and to build a more
inclusive state where
opportunities are
shared equitably.


We listen, learn,
foster a growth mindset,
and embrace the perspectives,
experiences, and
expertise of others.


Our impact is
greatest when we work
together as partners and harness
the collective strength, knowledge,
and resources that are needed
to address social


We approach our
work with positivity and
tenacious commitment,
knowing that even the most
complex challenges can be
overcome and that
positive social change
is possible.


We have a bias
for action and are committed
to working for meaningful and
measurable changes in the
systems that limit opportunities
and impact the lives of
our neighbors.

Strategic Focus


250+ volunteer partners, 15+ staff, and a growing number of organization partners across Connecticut.

Build Equitable Systems

Change the systems that result in unequal opportunities and outcomes for marginalized populations.

Community and State-Level

Work at the community level alongside local organizations and at the state level with government, education, nonprofit and business organizations.