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Board Member Highlight: Wes Alexander

When Wes Anderson connected with Mark Argosh in 2023 on the Governor’s Workforce Council, he shared, “I didn’t know if I had time for [Social Impact Partners] until I realized that it continues to meet my ultimate goal, which is trying to serve the people right around where I work.” Wes was drawn to Social Impact Partners’ vision of systematic change and impact on the marginalized populations across Connecticut, sharing he “had to support this mission, because it’s too valuable.”

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Volunteer Partner Highlight: Tim Roof

Prior to joining Social Impact Partners in 2018, Tim Roof shared he “didn’t really appreciate how underserved a big portion of the state is.” Today, he is proud of how far the organization has come and the opportunity he has had to increase his “understanding of what all these different communities face [across Connecticut].” Tim brings a deep skillset in business management, strategic leadership and human resources management to Social Impact Partners and has been heavily involved in specific HR projects for a variety of our community partners, including SimplifyCT, Riba Aspira and more recently CSCU.

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Sector Update: Connecticut State Colleges and Universities (CSCU) June 2024

Social Impact Partners is excited to have been invited to partner with Connecticut State Colleges and Universities (CSCU). The overarching goal of this initiative is to help CSCU develop strategic priorities that meet the needs of students, families, employers, the CSCU system (leadership, faculty, staff), and the state and empower the system to thrive. CSCU has recently announced its partnership with Social Impact Partners –“ReNew CSCU”—emphasizing that developing and setting future strategic priorities will lead to a stronger CSCU and new opportunities for investment in the system.

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Sector Update: Early Childhood Education (ECE) June 2024

Stemming from Social Impact Partners’ impactful involvement in supporting the development of the Governor’s five-year Blue Ribbon Plan for early childcare and education, Governor Lamont recently passed two pieces of legislation, HB5002 and SB14, to prioritize ECE and childcare in Connecticut. Social Impact Partners’ Director of Early Childhood Education Karen Lott shared, “Social Impact Partners played a central role in the [Blue Ribbon Plan] being developed and had a lot of influence on what was included in the plan.” Marking a groundbreaking shift in the system, this pivotal step signifies a positive investment in the future of young children, ensuring they have access to high-quality education and care. Our community partner, Child Care for CT, was instrumental in advocating for the elements in this legislation and we are so proud to see their mission in action!

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Sector Update: Workforce Development June 2024

Social Impact Partners continues its focus on Workforce Development to enable individuals from lower-income and marginalized communities to obtain quality jobs and achieve upward economic mobility.  About 40% of Connecticut’s residents, 54% of which are Black and 57% are Hispanic, do not earn living wages. By addressing the dignity of people who want to work and contribute to their own families, communities and Connecticut’s economy, we can break cycles of poverty and reduce income inequality.

Our overarching goal is to build a robust workforce pipeline that caters to the diverse needs of job seekers and employers.  Our three main initiatives are business engagement, career awareness and career pathways. We are engaging the business community to expand skills-based hiring, apprenticeship programs and diverse talent pipelines in healthcare, IT, and manufacturing, three high-demand sectors.

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Board Member Highlight: Dr. Leslie Torres-Rodriguez

Since coming to Hartford at the age of 9 with her mother and brother from Puerto Rico, Dr. Leslie Torres-Rodriguez has lived her life based on her values, believing in the importance of  community, creating a space for others to have a voice and the “responsibility we all have to serve others.” As the Superintendent and CEO of Hartford Public Schools, Dr. Torres-Rodriguez is grounded in the importance and “systematic need to create conditions and pathways for young people to be seen, feel heard and feel worthy”.

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