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Volunteer Partner Highlight: Temy Mancusi-Ungaro

“I believe that we have an obligation to give back. We don’t all start with the same advantages, therefore those of us who have them need to give back to create access for others by using the knowledge we have gained by the opportunities we were given,” said Temy.

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Volunteer Partner Highlight: Cheryl Hilton

Cheryl believes deeply in the importance of listening in her Social Impact Partners engagements, knowing the power of true partnership comes from a place of mutual respect and collaboration. “I like to approach projects by saying, ‘You tell me what you want and we’ll figure out how to build it’ ”said Cheryl.

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Connecticut State Government Work Update: Early Childhood Education

The final Blue Ribbon Panel on Child Care report can be found HERE. The five-year strategic plan included in this report aims to stabilize, strengthen and expand Connecticut’s early childhood system.

Social Impact Partners has been honored to support the Blue Ribbon Panel and the Office of Early Childhood (OEC) in developing this plan. Social Impact Partners, with the leadership of staff Jennifer Gerber and Dr. Monisha Gibson, played a wide range of roles, including project planning and management; financial modeling and analysis; and consulting support for two of the workgroups.

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Connecticut State Government Work Update: Workforce Development

Social Impact Partners continues to support the work of the Office of Workforce Strategy (OWS) and the Governor’s Workforce Council (GWC). In the past quarter, the GWC has been working to update its strategic plan and will be releasing an updated plan in early 2024. A major priority in the new plan will be to build out K-12 Career Pathways that provide all students with the opportunity to engage in work based learning and early college experiences.

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Community Partner Highlight: Girls For Technology

Girls For Technology was co-founded by Sabrina Tucker-Barrett and Anthony Barrett in 2015 to promote workforce equity and economic mobility through STEM programs for women and girls of color.

Their vision – a society where women of color excel without barriers.

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