Partner Highlight: Stefano Redaelli

“The reason I joined Social Impact Partners is that if we want a less polarized world and one in which we can live in harmony among people with different opinions, cultures and religions, it all starts from the ability to know the basics of discourse, civility, science, curiosity; in short, education.” – Stefano Redaelli, Social Impact Partners Board Member

Social Impact Partners Board Member and Partner Stefano Redaelli is a Senior Partner at McKinsey & Company, and Managing Partner for its Stamford, Connecticut office. Over his 20 years of experience with the firm, he has worked in several sectors, including manufacturing, the engineering and construction value chain, engineering and design, mechanical and electrical subcontracting, construction-equipment OEMs, electronic-building equipment OEMs, and construction and building service providers.

Redaelli joined the Social Impact Partners Board last summer, wanting to help close the gaps in the education system in Connecticut so that everyone has access to quality education and good jobs once they graduate. 

He brings to Social Impact Partners experience in serving midsize multiple business unit companies, as well as a deep understanding of cybersecurity strategy, construction and electrical-building sectors, and taxes. Stefano graduated with honors in Electrical Engineering at the Polytechnic University of Milan and received an MBA from the Leonard N. Stern School of Business in 2007.

Stefano joined McKinsey in 2003 in Italy, worked for several years in South America, and now lives in Connecticut. He is fluent in English, Spanish, and Italian.