CT State Government Work Update: Workforce Development

Social Impact Partners’s collaborative work with the Office of Workforce Strategy (OWS) currently focuses on initiatives in the Healthcare and Technology sectors. Notable programs have been launched and are growing over the past several years and we are thrilled to share updates specifically in the Tech sector for this quarter’s newsletter. 

In 2022, OWS launched the Tech Talent Accelerator (TTA), a tool helping to bridge the skills/talent mismatch between industry and institutions of higher education. TTAs 7 inaugural grantees divided $1M in public investments to expand their computer science curricula and short-term credential offerings. In year one, 113 students across the state were equipped with industry-recognized credentials and certifications.

Drawing from TTA 1.0’s success, this past August OWS allocated an additional $1M to expand to 7 more institutions for the 2023-2024 academic year with specific focus to incorporate more schools in the Southwest CT region. The Southwest CT Tech Regional Sector Partnership in collaboration with the Business Higher Education Forum and the New England Board of Higher Education, will work together to provide wrap-around support service for learners and assist in quality job placements. 

Social Impact Partners continues to support the Governor’s Workforce Council (GWC) through E.D. Mark Argosh’s Chairmanship of the GWC.  For further updates – Watch the Governor’s Workforce Council Q3 Meeting (July 20, 2023) HERE