Volunteer Partner Highlight: Tim Roof

Prior to joining Social Impact Partners in 2018, Tim Roof shared he “didn’t really appreciate how underserved a big portion of the state is.” Today, he is proud of how far the organization has come and the opportunity he has had to increase his “understanding of what all these different communities face [across Connecticut].”

Tim brings a deep skillset in business management, strategic leadership and human resources management to Social Impact Partners and has been heavily involved in specific HR projects for a variety of our community partners, including SimplifyCT, Riba Aspira, Horizons National and more recently CSCU. From employee handbooks, benefits programs, advising executive directors and helping with focus groups, he has been able to see the profound impact of the work that Social Impact Partners has done. “Working with focus groups and advising executive directors on personnel issues, those are just really interesting opportunities to help these organizations and challenge me to do things that I may not have had the opportunity to do,” Tim said.

The growth of Social Impact Partners over the past 10 years has amazed and inspired Tim when he thinks about the future of continued growth and the impression this organization can have on Connecticut. “[It used to be] more narrow, more short-term project-based thinking versus the incredible, broader scope that the organization continues to aspire and achieve [today],” he said, noting the importance of thinking outward about what we can do next and where we can go.

Tim graduated from the University of Michigan with a bachelor’s degree in mathematics and worked in Actuarial Science for five years before turning to account management. He spent 25 years at Hewitt Associates, where he provided leadership, strategic vision and business management for all large market clients on the East Coast, as well as worked at Mercer and Willis Towers Watson. From this experience, Tim shared he was able to use his team leadership skills and “technical know-how on the HR side” to help deliver results to community partners in projects.

In his free time, Tim can be found playing tennis, boxing and walking around town with his new puppy. We are so thankful for Tim’s continued dedication to our mission and his active project participation!