Workforce Development Update

CT Health Horizons has launched! The three-year, $35 million initiative will grow and diversify the next generation of nurses and social workers. This collaborative effort spans all of Connecticut’s nonprofit nursing and social work programs within Connecticut State Colleges and Universities, the University of Connecticut, and the Connecticut Conference of Independent Colleges. The Office of Workforce Strategy is providing strategic support and leading a competitive but collaborative process building on the strengths of different colleges and universities to ensure all communities will benefit. Other state agencies and the Connecticut Hospital Association have been instrumental in launching the partnership and engaging employers.

This investment, funded by the American Rescue Plan Act, will rapidly grow the nursing and social work talent pipeline by expanding seat capacity by approximately 1,000 students, with a focus on accelerated and cost-effective programs. Additionally, CT Health Horizons includes innovative programs and partnerships between employers and higher education to promote in-state employment after graduation. This is a win-win for Connecticut by increasing access to family-sustaining jobs while improving the health of local communities. Learn More Here!