workforce development

All people should have access to a quality job that provides them the opportunity to earn a sustainable livelihood and build a fulfilling career. This is the goal that drives Social Impact Partners’ workforce development strategy.

Workforce development refers to efforts aimed at equipping people with the skills, knowledge, and opportunity to thrive in quality jobs and meet the needs of the labor market.

Through Social Impact Partners partnerships and initiatives, Social Impact Partners plays a key role in expanding access to education, job training, and employment services for underserved communities, improving the quality and relevance of training programs, and fostering collaborations between employers, educators, training providers, and community organizations to advance a system that works for everyone.

Social Impact Partners’ approach is twofold. We provide funding and capacity building support to nonprofit organizations, state government, and educational institutions that are involved in workforce development. We also build partnerships and align resources across the workforce system. Through this work, Social Impact Partners supports The Governor’s Workforce Council and The Office of Workforce Strategy. This holistic strategy aligns opportunities to develop new training programs, improve the quality of existing programs, and provide opportunities for Connecticut residents to develop careers that work for them.

Social Impact Partners’ involvement in workforce development in Connecticut has helped to address some of the key challenges facing the labor market, such as a skills and opportunity mismatch between the needs of employers and job seekers, that result in persistent disparities in employment outcomes for low-income and minority communities.

Social Impact Partners’ workforce development strategy emphasizes the importance of collaboration and partnership across all stakeholders in addressing complex social and economic challenges.